1. Introduction

    2. Quiz: What is travel blogging?

    3. Video: The art of travel blogging!

    1. Lecture & assignments: Your niche

    2. Quiz: What is your niche?

    3. Video: How do you define your niche?

    1. Lecture & assignments: Monetization

    2. Quiz: How can you monetize a travel blog?

    3. Video: The art of monetization!

    4. Resources: Make money now!

    1. Lecture & assignments: Your platform

    2. Quiz: What is the most popular platform for travel blogging?

    3. Video: The art of choosing your travel blogging platform!

    1. Lecture & assignments: Travel blogging

    2. Quiz: What is a good travel blog post in 2023?

    3. Video: The art of Story Hunting!

    1. Lecture & assignments: Followers

    2. Quiz: How do you get more travel blog readers?

    3. Video: The art of finding your potential reader!

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  • How does the course look like?

    You will get access to video modules with videos, interactive PowerPoint assignments, and quizzes to test your knowledge and get started with travel blogging.

  • Can you make a full-time income with travel blogging?

    Yes, it's possible to generate a full-time income with travel blogging. It takes discipline, knowledge, and time to build your online business.

  • Is the course only for travel bloggers?

    The course is designed for travel bloggers, multimedia creators, journalists, writers, videographers, photographers, digital nomads, and all other creative minds that want to make a full-time income with their passion.

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